Before REVI, I don't remember how I got interesting sounds in my recordings. I was never a keyboard guy, and there wasn't really a way to record a VST on my DAW of choice with a guitar. REVI changed all that. Revi is so accurate at recording my guitar and sending MIDI inputs into my virtual instrument. It records how hard I pluck and bend the strings and applies velocity and pitch changes to the final MIDI recording. There's absolutelty no latency, so it feels like I can play absolutely any instrument on my guitar.


REVI guitar is the ultimate tool for portable guitar playing. Whenever I'm traveling, I always pack my REVI guitar because of the way I can queitly practice on trains and airplanes. I love being able to track my finger movments using the REVI app, allowing me to finetune my playing style until it's perfect. There are also built in pedal effects, tuners, scale charts and games I can access through the app to improve my playing and have fun.