The REVI Guitar is the first smart guitar available in stores and online. With the ability to accurately track what notes you're fretting, how hard you're plucking, strumming or even bending the strings, it's now possible to play the guitar like never before.


People who want to begin playing guitar will find that REVI is an excellent tool to quickly and accurately pick up the guitar. Connect your REVI Guitar to your phone, tablet or computer in order to get instant and accurate feedback on how you're playing, the same way a teacher would. REVI wouldn't rely on just the sound signal (like current apps do) and would instead give you exact feedback based on the inputs recieved by our advanced fretboard and pick up technology.


The REVI Guitar is designed to work with both your phone and your computer. The raw audio signals can be sent to your device directly, or can be converted into MIDI for you to edit easily on your Audio Workstation of choice. Experiment with pedal emulators, or change the virtual instrument you're feeding your MIDI input into. With these functionalities, seasoned guitar players will find that the REVI guitar can be an indespensible part of practicing on the go, performing live, and recording music.